Recreation and Sports


A finished structure that is solid and durable with minimal maintenance is a common requirement in the design and construction of field houses, aquatic centers, gymnasiums, sports arenas and stadiums. High-strength precast, prestressed concrete is the only building material that meets this requirement in a wide variety of applications.

  • Spancrete plank is the only solution when long spans, heavy loading and fire ratings are required at concourse, mezzanine or above ground-floor levels.
  • Wall panels are the only durable and economical solution for high walls, and are available with or without insulation. They are often load bearing and support double tees or long-span roof trusses. Custom patterns, colors and textures can be incorporated into the exterior panel face.
  • Double tees provide concrete solutions for long-span floors and roofs. They are commonly used over swimming pools where there is concern about corrosion.
  • Special shapes, such as stadium sections, raker beams and solid panels for vomitory and other walls are the only durable solution for stadiums and bleachers.
  • Columns and beams are always available as structural framing support.
  • Architectural concrete, available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures, can easily be designed and manufactured to your requirements.