RibSlab Flooring System

RibSlab Flooring System

When Spancrete discovered there was a need for a durable precast concrete floor system that is not only lighter, stronger, and more energy efficient, but also can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, our commitment to innovation kicked into high gear.

Our new RibSlab Flooring System offers a slim floor depth that is lightweight and robust all at the same time. The thin design reduces foundation and project costs; while also providing perfect placement options for a variety of mechanicals. The reduced floor thickness allows for more levels within the same building height. This proven technology is engineered with your bottom line in mind and is offered worldwide through our extensive list of licensees.

The fast, versatile, lightweight design results in increased value to owner and building occupants. Rigorous third-party environmental testing ensures RibSlab Flooring Systems excel in real-world applications.

Thin, Lightweight Design

The RibSlab Flooring System offers reduced flooring weight for transportation, erection and foundation loading but is still a heavyweight when it comes to the benefits it brings to each structure. Spacious floorplans, high levels of acoustic control, fire protection and thermal efficiency are just a few of the benefits that have inspired owners and tenants alike.


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