Technical Information

Spancrete’s wealth of information and data allows designers and builders to proceed with confidence.

Since 1960, the Spancrete Manufacturers Association has been conducting extensive research and testing on prestressed hollowcore plank. Our products and techniques are continuously updated in accordance with changing technologies, codes and applications. Information and statistical data derived from these studies have been published and are available to our customers in several forms. “Span Notes” directly addresses features and benefits as well as aspects of design using Spancrete® hollowcore plank. “Spancrete Research Notes” provide detailed engineering data on subjects such as load distribution, shear design, diaphragm action and other characteristics. We regularly publish brochures illustrating successful applications of precast plank in a wide variety of structure.


Spancrete Library


Research Notes

1001: Load Distribution Around Central Openings (PDF)
1002: Load Distribution Around Multiple Cenral Openings (PDF)
1003: Width to Span Ration Effect on Load Distribution (PDF)
1004: Shear Design at End Openings (PDF)
1005: Shear Design for Edge Loads (PDF)
1006: Shear Strength (PDF)
1007: Shear Strength with Filled Cores (PDF)
1008: Crushing Capacity of Plank Ends (PDF)
1009: Bars in Grout Keys (PDF)
1010: Continuity Over Supports (PDF)
1011: Diaphragm Shear on Untopped Spancrete Decks (PDF)
1012: Bottom Weld Plates – With Stud Anchors (PDF)
1013: Bottom Weld Plates – With Wire Loops (PDF)
1014: Top Weld Anchores (PDF)
1015: Dowel Connections (PDF)
1016: Cantilever Load Distribution (PDF)
1017: Side Anchors (PDF)
1018: Concentrated Loads on Untopped Spancrete Decks (PDF)
1019: Concentrated Loads on Topped Spancrete Decks (PDF)
1020: Load Distribution (PDF)
1021: Span Limitations – Floor Vibrations – Rhythmic Activity (PDF)
1022: Span Limitations – Floor Vibrations – Heel Drop Response (PDF)
1023: Span Limitations – Floor Vibrations – Flexible Supports (PDF)
1024: Load Bearing Spancrete Wall Panel Design (PDF)
1025: Load Bearing Top Connection Design for Spancrete Wall Panels (PDF)
1026: Non-Bearing Top Connection Design for Spancrete Wall Panels (PDF)
1027: Base Connection Design for Spancrete Wall Panels (PDF)
1028: Sound Transmission Class (STC) Rating for Spancrete Wall Panels (PDF)
1029: Bottom Inserts – Powers Fasteners (PDF)
1030: Bottom Inserts – Red Head (PDF)
1031: Bottom Inserts – Hilti (PDF)
1032: Seismic Design for Spancrete Wall Panels (PDF)
1033: Combined Loading on JVI Mini-V Connectors Cast In Spancrete ® Hollowcore Wall Panels (PDF)
1034: Investigation of Inserts in Spancrete ® Hollowcore Plank – Bottom Expansion Bolts (PDF)

Span Notes

1: Attractive ceilings are easy with Spancrete® (PDF)
2: Planning for openings in Spancrete® (PDF)
3: Direct application of pad and carpet over Spancrete® saves time (PDF)
4: Spancrete delivers on time (PDF)
5: Spancrete® projects on schedule (PDF)
6: Spancrete® research and testing (PDF)
7: Use the right tools, correct procedures, and work safely (PDF)
8: Tile installation over Spancrete® (PDF)
9: Cutting and drilling openings in Spancrete® is easy (PDF)
10: Advantages of prestressed concrete (PDF)
11: Topping off your Prestressed Hollowcore floor (PDF)
11B: More on Topping Off Your Spancrete® Floor (PDF)
12: How to Use Spancrete® for Inexpensive Space Under Your Garage (PDF)
13: Spancrete® and Structural Steel is a Proven System (PDF)
14: Building a New Home with Spancrete® is Easy (PDF)
15: Jointless textured ceiling applications on Spancrete® plank (PDF)
16: Wall panel openings are easily achieved with Spancrete® (PDF)
17: Achieve Longer Spans and Higher Load Carrying Capacities with 16″ Spancrete® Plank (PDF)
18: Sustainable Practices With Spancrete® Hollowcore (PDF)


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